You can't walk up to HR anymore.

Spotlight is an anonymous online reporting channel for employees experiencing or witnessing behaviour that does not align with the company’s culture code.

Examples of this could be unacceptable language or co-workers not observing COVID19 health guidelines in the office.

Shed light on workplace misconduct

Choose to report anonymously, or not.

Help employees feel safe calling out unacceptable workplace behaviour.

Organize submitted cases.

Navigate outstanding issues with a case dashboard and easily track the status of cases (unopened, investigated, closed, etc.)

Resolve issues efficiently.

Spotlight allows for anonymous two-way communication between HR and employees to ensure that issues can be resolved efficiently.

Overview of analytics to pin-point improvements.

Track overarching trends, monitor and resolve submissions of claims in your dashboard.

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Why we started Spotlight

After working in a toxic workplace, Sophie (Spotlight’s Co-Founder) realized that there wasn’t a go-to tool that helps organizations identify behaviour that doesn’t align with their culture mandate

COVID19 has made it more urgent for employers to offer remote and anonymous ways to report toxic behaviour, as traditional routes to speak directly to HR and management have been disrupted.

Employers are adapting to accommodate a remote workforce, meaning toxic behaviour will be moving online as well.

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