Supporting organizations in developing feedback culture

Spotlight is a workplace reporting platform that allows employees to anonymously raise concerns or to provide feedback.

To help make sure that the tool can be easily merged with existing habits, Spotlight has a custom Slack integration that allows HR personnel to chat with anonymous employees about their submitted case, or they can do this in the Spotlight app.

We want to help boost the efforts of HR departments that create a great workplace culture.

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Slack integration option

Spotlight can be easily adopted by employees, a Slack integration helps employees conduct a number of actions without having to log into the Spotlight app. This includes the ability to submit cases, report Slack messages to HR and to anonymously chat with HR about their case.

Easily manage and track cases

Organize submitted cases and navigate outstanding issues with a case dashboard. The dashboard provides HR the ability to easily track the status of cases such as unassigned, pending, investigating or closed.

Anonymous communication

Spotlight allows for anonymous two-way communication between HR and employees to ensure that issues can be resolved efficiently. This develops feedback culture in your organization, ensuring that employees feel supported in raising their concerns.

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