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Our employee engagement tool integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams
Our Slack integration allows employees to automatically create HR cases anonymously through Microsoft Teams or Slack. HR Managers can chat with them in real-time to verify problems and resolve challenges.

HR can organize cases and request additional external expertise to resolve culture challenges.
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Culture has never been more important

58% of employees leave their job due to bad management. A poll by Gallup found that 85% of people are unhappy in their jobs.

Smoothing out complex personnel challenges is hard to identify (and verify) quickly since employees often feel uncomfortable revealing their identify or speaking about their concern in person.

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Building & maintaining amazing culture is hard

Not knowing how to permanently resolve culture challenges can create long-term problems such as low retention, poor productivity, and even lawsuits.  

Managers shouldn't have to face these challenges alone.

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“When I got introduced to the Spotlight team I thought it was just another HR software. After they walked me through the product, I felt like I had a partner in crime.”

Trish Kennelly
Head of Experience at On Deck
We know a little guidance in solving complex culture challenges can make all the difference
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Employees can submit cases and chat with HR in real time through Slack or Teams

Forward HR questions to Spotlight and we'll connect you with an external consultant

Organize employee cases and tag internal teams to easily collaborate

Want to try it out first? 

Send us an HR problem you want help with. We'll match you with a consultant.

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