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Spotlight started because of a question that it’s Founder Sophie Wyne couldn’t answer:

"Why were underlying culture issues in the workplace so hard to identify and resolve?"

The journey to answer this question started in January 2020, when Sophie quit her job in CyberSecurity to find and develop a solution. As the impact of COVID-19 hit hard in March, Sophie and her team had the unique opportunity to carry out their market research alongside unprecedented quick change in HR processes to accommodate the workplace moving online. 

Despite the dramatic setting of their market research, they spoke to organizations across different industries and identified the following two reasons why cultural problems in the workplace often go unresolved. 
Employees aren't aware of the tools that exist to benefit them
It’s a common scenario: the exciting HR tech tool is introduced to employees in their onboarding package, showing them what kind of support they can receive… and then they never look at it again. 

We addressed this by building integrations with tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams which merge Spotlight with online platforms that employees already know and use. 
HR managers don’t have the time to investigate every employee concern
HR managers wear many hats; they’re in charge of hiring, firing, administration and much more. Employee issues are raised randomly, and often require HR Managers to clear days or weeks to research, investigate, and carry out resolutions. Not to mention, carrying out training to prevent the issue from occurring again. 

The Spotlight tool supports HR Managers to use their time most effectively. If an HR manager gets a case they’re unsure how to handle - they can simply forward it to Spotlight for help. Our large network of D&I and HR experts are equipped to provide guidance for whatever challenges HR face.

Support your HR Team in going the extra mile for employees and ensure they use their time efficiently.

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