Supporting HR in identifying and resolving employee concerns

Making it easier for HR

Spotlight can be easily adopted by employees with Slack and Microsoft Teams integration.

Faster case management

The reports page is where you can see at a glance how the organization is doing with resolving cases.

Anonymous communication

HR and anonymous employees can chat via Spotlight, providing a safe place for employees to ask questions.

Get Field Expert Support

We know that HR is busy, and having to research how to best handle unique workplace issues can be stressful. That's why Spotlight connects you with different field experts to support you in finding the best resolution.

HR managers can easily forward cases to external HR experts for guidance in resolving the case

Our experts fall into three categories: Diversity & Inclusion, General HR, and Conflict Resolutions

The first tool that supports both employees and HR management every step of the way in resolving cases

Fast Organization-Wide Adoption

HR tools are notorious for being introduced to employees on their first day of work, and then are promptly never looked at again. We are mitigating this risk by allowing employees to submit cases and chat anonymously with HR with Slack.

Don't have to leave usual online work environment

Receive case information quickly through Slack

Optimize your time spent on managing employee concerns

Gain Insights on Employee Feedback

Cases are automatically synced with the HR admin dashboard, where HR can assign cases and chat anonymously with the employee.

View all case data in one place - attachments, employee details

Efficiently solve cases by chatting anonymously with employees in real time

Assign cases to HR Managers

Modernizing HR reporting

Spotlight is the HR tool that keeps your organization ahead of the curve. With work-from-home mandates to social movements, 2020 has brought a lot of change to HR. Spotlight has developed the tool alongside the feedback of real HR and Culture managers.

We're here to support your organization through whatever 2020 is bringing next.

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